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Tesa Media become the Largest Media Agency Firm in The Southern Region of the country Nigeria



Let me start by saying, not every Nigerian youth is lazy like it is a wildly used term today. Mr. Muili Seun is a young entrepreneur with a hundred percent focus. The amazing thing about his firm is that when he started he didn’t really have much money, considering that he dropped out of school to focus on his career.
In 2018 Seun got admission into the tertiary institution to study Mass Communication. After few semesters Mr. Seun couldn’t continue because of the cost attached compare to the value his getting in return while his dad is taking debt to pay for his tuition.. He then looked at his optioned and started Tesa Media ( Digital Agency) from his door room. -He said
Tesa Media, company has trained well over 15,000 students and over 30,000 small & large business owners for them to gain success in the online marketplace in a very short while. The business model for Tesa Media is a unique one that actually is very different from most Nigerian media businesses. Tesa Media focus in adding value to their customers even before you pay for any service i.e. I was going to some of their post on YouTube and Instagram and I found a lot of useful content that a company can use to quickly scaled up it business.
Speaking to Mr. Muili Seun himself just to know what and why he started, he said a lot of people struggle to understand the internet mode of business and a lot of Digital marketer makes the price so expensive that some people can’t afford it, but there are things that don’t need too much effort to get done on the internet, like building/growing your business social media presence,  these are things I see that I feel I need to help people and it through the value am adding i get my paying customers.
When asked what were the troubles are challenges he faced during the StartUp process, Seun said the money was really an issue, because a lot of things needs to get done and when you don’t have the funds, the process stalls and doesn’t move forward,  it was really hard then I couldn’t get hold of people to buy services from him, because he was relatively new in the business and has no name yet. (Known) Tesa Media Digital Agency got off to an impressive life in 2020 during the Covid-19, people began to notice his content online and started reaching out for his services.
Tesa Media has trained over 1000 vendors within their first month of SaaS Computer Launch in their head office currently in Edo states, Nigeria.
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