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The Surest Way To Blow As An Upcoming Artist Is To Build An Organic Fan Base

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The upcoming phase of an artist’s life is usually full of turmoil. There’s so much struggle in the come up that some give up their passion and opt for other things. The pressure is sometimes a little too difficult to handle. In a country where the structure of the music industry is shaky and there is no avenue of support for upcoming artists, the zeal to pursue music dwindles along the line if one doesn’t have the fortitude.



Resources are limited or unavailable especially when your parents/guardians are against your dreams of being a musician. There is a growing number of folks who are looking to become the next superstar yet many are failing to make an impression.

Doing music as a craft can be quite challenging. The way out of the struggle most times is getting offers from record labels. Other times, an artist could have a hit song and begin to work his or her way from there; gathering a team of professionals who have a deep knowledge of the music business. There is no pre-existing template that upcoming acts can make use of to get an idea on how to approach music as a career. Asides Mr. Eazi who is currently running a master class for a select few, there is no successful Nigerian artist who has any interest in helping upcoming or emerging acts.

Some upcoming artists get funding or financial support from investors or people who are willing to sign them officially. They are able to invest heavily in their craft and market themselves aggressively on a large scale. Unfortunately, only a minority of these acts get to enjoy such grace. Many others have to break their backs before they can even get to record a proper song. They use the little resources they have to push out the material just to get some buzz.

For upcoming acts who have no backup or financial support, there is an alternative that seems to be working just as well (if not better) as getting funding or being signed to a record label. It has proven to be effective so far. Not only in the Nigerian music industry, but in the music industry in other countries.

The most important thing in an artist’s life is his or her fan base. These are the people who show their support and love for the artist at any given time. They introduce their friends and loved ones to their favorite artist’s music and rally behind anything he or she puts out. Basically, they are the backbone of an artist. Without a solid fan base, your career is not sustainable. You are doomed to fail even before you start.


Artists boost their credibility by gathering a following at the fledgling part of their career. When an artist sets out into the field of music, he or she must consciously build a fan base. A solid fan base is the greatest asset an artist can have in the music industry. It has been apparent in the careers of several prominent acts (locally and internationally). Through thick and thin, supporters are forever there.

With the escalation of social media and digital platforms, it has become less difficult to reach out to people. An artist can, with the use of social media, build an organic fan base. As long as there is consistency in the release of new music, communication with your audience, keeping a respectable image, your fan base is going to continue to grow and expand. It is a gradual process, but it is extremely efficient. It would benefit upcoming artists to pay maximum attention to the necessity of building an organic fan base. There are strategies that can be employed by artists to build a loyal following.


Recently, we have seen artists who have amassed a devoted fan base. By dropping new music on Soundcloud, uploading skits on Twitter and Instagram, posting videos on YouTube, these artists have steadily built a following for themselves till they walked into the limelight. Acts such as Sammy Oma, Sultan, SirDave, Yubase and many others have done it. Other upcoming acts can learn from this and begin to do the same.

Written By: Basebaba

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T.I. Posts An Emotional Tribute To His Sister On Her Birthday



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Image result for T.I. Posts An Emotional Tribute To His Sister On Her Birthday



T.I. is continuing to honor his sister Precious Harris.

On her birthday, the Atlanta rapper penned a long tribute to his older sister who passed away in February.

“Happy Birthday sis!!!! We still celebrating your life & legacy,all while missing the s**t out you at the same time. I try my best to smile knowing you’re at peace, rather than selfishly complaining about my pain,” T.I. captioned under a pic of himself and Precious. “I feel like a hater crying cause you’re not here when I KNOW you’ve been promoted to your rightful position. YOU EARNED THAT!!!! Your contributions to Atlanta,to the generations & to THIS family are immeasurable & WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!!!”


T.I. also revealed in the caption that he’s mending broken relationships in his family, recognizing that life’s too short.

“Me & Kareem finally on good terms & speaking again… can u believe that s**t?!?!” he continued. “Kamaya still having a tough time but she gon be straight,I GOT HER…On Pops!!! Major’s doing great in school still thanx to Auntie Precious Academy… Bryce building apps and making moves in LA now.”

He also added, “Deyjah just graduated high school last week and Domani ass is actually gon graduate tomorrow….King think he grown as s**t and trying to call his own shots as usual,”

T.I. concluded, “Me & Tameka still doing what WE DO…like only WE CAN. My mama just went to a Shirley Caesar concert & said ‘Precious would’ve loved this…She got down!!!’ Messiah’s moving out into his own place & Niq Niq already grown as hell too. On Mother’s Day we gave a scholarship away in your name on Vh1 and we plan to do so every year. I thank God for all the knowledge,wisdom,guidance, love & laughter you blessed US ALL with. We Love You Forever!!! #LongLivePrecious.”

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Ne-Yo Secures $6.4M Bag From Ex-Manager Who Cheated Him Out Of Millions



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It seems that Ne-Yo’s former manager was chasing the champagne life a little too much. He now faces up to seven years in prison after fleecing his clients to afford a lifestyle of luxury. On top of his sentence, he was ordered to pay back $7.9 million in restitution with $6,456,250 going to Ne-Yo and $151,675 to Brian McKnight, reports on Thursday (May 23). He also owes the IRS a whopping $1.4 million.

The final verdict follows a nearly three-year long investigation into the R&B singer’s former accountant and business manager, Kevin Foster, after he was found guilty of a slew of white collar crimes including wire fraud, money laundering and tax evasion by the Department of Justice.

In 2016, a team of federal prosecutors opened an investigation into Foster for tax evasion when he filed bankruptcy for a company he had a controlling stake in. The investigation unearthed he had mislead Ne-Yo and McKnight into investing in his sports drink brand OXYwater under false pretenses.

When Foster’s finances begun to nosedive, he convinced his former clients to invest in OXYwater without informing them of his controlling stake in Imperial company, who owned the sports drink brand.

During the lengthy investigation, federal prosecutors discovered multiple instances where Foster used his position as their manager to withdraw more money from his clients’ accounts (without their permission) to fund his company. The disgraced manager further misappropriated an additional $1.5 million of Ne-Yo’s into the sports beverage without informing him.

He also forged the singer’s signature to open a new line of credit worth $1.4 million. Portions of the stolen funds went toward padding his own lifestyle, with receipts of Foster dropping top dollars on a Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Jaguar and Mercedes, expensive suits, jewelry and Super Bowl tickets.



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Drake And Rae Sremmurd Secured Fashion Collaborations With These Major Designer Brands



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TORONTO, ONTARIO - MAY 21: Rapper Drake attends game four of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Toronto Raptors at Scotiabank Arena on May 21, 2019 in Toronto, Canada. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)


Earlier this year in February, I published an article entitled “My Tennis Fashion Thoughts.” I discussed the collaborative opportunities that popular designers have within the professional tennis industry, and how such collaborations between players and tennis brands would present a means for players to further express their personalities on the court. Since then, this year has pleasantly surprised me with a number of unexpected collaborations between tennis brands and fashion brands/ designers.

It is evident that this year tennis has shifted to becoming a sport of trends and style. It has drawn attention not just from tennis fans, but from anyone who enjoys fashion and the latest style trends. The success and attention from this year’s collaborations have the potential to propel future ideas and collaborations into motion, forever impacting professional tennis and the tennis culture. Such collaborations would bring more attention and popularity to the game, making it more mainstream and relatable.

In no particular order, here are this year’s top fashion collaborations in the tennis industry.



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