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Today, I am delighted to share with you the success story of a young man who is brave, focused and determined. His name is Solomon Okyere from Ghana.

Please read:

“My father died when I was six years ,so I was living with my mother in one room in a very dirty jungle because we can’t afford house in the city

My mother makes cup cake  for me to hawk so that we can eat and take care of our basic needs,I was doing this hawking till my 22 years ,I was tired and ashamed of hawking but I have no other alternative for me

One day as I was going home after hawking for the day, I saw a Longrich seminar poster on the street but ,the people  going in and out of the seminar were mostly the rich and middle class people ,so I was troubled in my heart ,ONE MIND TOLD ME THAT THE SEMINAR IS FOR THE RICH AND NOT A POOR HAWKER LIKE ME


as you know poverty and Rich is in your heart it depends on the one you accept .

I went home changed my cloth and came back to the venue of the longrich seminar

After listening to the testimonies and opportunities in joining and becoming a longrich didtributor, I decided to join but I don’t have money to join.

When I got home, I couldn’t sleep through the night so I took all the money we are saving from the hawking business,about 60.000 cedis without telling my mother.

I went to longrich office and bought  few products and joined the company, my code was given to me, I started hawking longrich tooth paste, Soap, Cream etc. One thing with Longrich Products is that people will always want to buy it second time because it has result and testimony.

As am hawking longrich products on the street and inside buses , People were buying and joining the business and I started going up….

One day one man came and wanted to join the business, I took him to longrich office and he saw the opportunities in this business and joined , and brought many of his friend,family ,contacts to join the business

As a poor hawker ,I never think that I will go to the airport talkless of entering an aeroplane.

I just joined this business in the year 2016

In 2017 , I have travelled  to Dubai and stayed in 5star hotel ALL EXPENSES  PAID BY LONGRICH.

I travelled  to China and stayed  in 5 star hotel , ALL EXPENSES  PAID BY LONGRICH.

I can’t still believe  that a poor hawker like me will be enjoying life all because I decided to take a risk and change my destiny.

I have also qualified for a brand new car, am getting a big amount of money in my account every week

Longrich have changed my life and you can do it ,just keep and open mind BELIEVE AND TRUST GOD!”

I have read this story over and over again and I can only conclude that “ONLY YOU CAN STEER YOUR DESTINY TODAY! NOT A MAN OF GOD, NOT YOUR PARENTS AND CERTAINLY NOT THE NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT”.

If you want to know more on how Longrich can help you live your dreams, then click on this link to send a whatsapp message to me ➡
or call /send text message on 08037349122.



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Grindiin Records present the TALENT SHOW



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Grindiin Records Limited proudly announces WOW KIDDIES TALENT SHOW, a singing talent platform dedicated to discovering and celebrating talented kid singers. Angela Nneoma, the business Development and Relationship Team lead of Grindiin Records and G2M Creatives, explained that this is the maiden edition of Wow Kiddies Talent Search, focused on singing talents, wherein Children who are between the ages of 7 to 15 years, from all parts of Nigeria are eligible to participate and wow the world through their vocal dexterity. While parents and guardians with a child or who know talented children within the age range can register their wards who stand a chance to win up to N600,000.00 and other amazing prizes.

Speaking on participation modalities, Grindiin Records Media Relations Executive, Joseph Olugbenga explained that forms are free, and will be made available online in due course. Forms can be picked up at the Grindiin Records corporate office 8 Ajayi Street, Mende-Maryland, Lagos.

WOW KIDDIES TALENT SHOW is a trademark of Grindiin Records and organized in conjunction with “FireHits Studio” and G2M Creatives Ltd. Auditions commence 1st Of July, 2019.

For enquires, sponsorship and participation call Joseph on 07064209817, email: [email protected] and also follow @wowkiddiesng on all social media platforms

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Mogson Productions Presents The First Of It Kind TV Series In Africa, Dimeji (See Teaser)



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From the stable of Mogson Productions, DIMEJI is the first of its kind Series in Africa that shadows through the call of realism. The Series which is billed to run for the next six months will start from 20th April 2019 exclusively on Mogson TV
The series is already basking massive rave reviews from critics and pundits in the Movie industry. The series stars some of the finesse actors in the entertainment Industry. 
Subscription is exclusive and very cheap for such an amazing six month long run series. To subscribe use the link to see options. You also have access to enjoy other sensational movies on Mogson TV. 
Enjoy the Teaser below so you understand what you’re going into.

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Controversial New Novel “Diane’s Fantasy” Opens Debate On Enigmatic Writer, Emerald Lordsfame



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Lagos, Nigeria – 11th February 2019
She was a young multi-billionaire. At fourteen she became a sole heiress to her parents’ properties after their demise but like every other person, she had her fantasies, especially the kind of man she would love to spend her life with. At twenty, she fell in love with a poor guy named Rick who was the very opposite of her fantasy. And unfortunately, Diane was the opposite of Rick’s fantasy too but he loved her deeply. Emerald Lordsfame’s debut novel, Diane’s Fantasy, sheds light on this intriguing romance. It brings the deep force and struggle between love and fantasy into light.

It was published in January 2019 by leading publishers, Free-eBooks, Amazon and kobobooks. An appetizer of Diane’ Fantasy is on Free-ebooks.

Inspired by her thoughts and inquisitive mind, and the world around her, novelist Emerald Lordsfame, decided to tackle the haziness in what we want and what we get i.e. fantasy and love. “I have always listened to people about not marrying the kind of spouse they wanted; about the attributes they want in their man and woman and what they get; and the phrase‘ when the desirable is not available, the available becomes desirable’. And of course I have my own fantasy man too. So, I wondered a lot about falling in love with what you get and then your fantasy showing up. And since you’ve always loved your fantasy, how will the two loves weigh? Who will win – the one you’ve always loved that came late or the one you fell in love with while waiting for the one you’ve always loved? Then I thought putting this in a story, would make a gripping, interesting, and emotion – filled novel, hence Diane’s Fantasy.”

Emerald’s work has soared in popularity in recent years, perhaps partly inspired by the net series she does. She is the first person to start online weekly book series just like TV series but in a read which she calls ‘TV series in a read’ Bluegre Scripts. Diane’s Fantasy was the first series she aired but she was smart enough to air it for just few weeks in order not to give it all out probably because she knew she was going to make it into a novel in the future which is now; followed by Unfaithful and then Untamed which was written by Steven Jerral Harris, an American artist. Emerald Lordsfame’s blog does not only air her scripts but other novelists’ works too, in order to help bring them and their works into limelight. Originally seen as an enthusiastic actor and writer, Emerald Lordsfame’s stories now grip everyone to their seats.
In fact, the ongoing debate has not discouraged the enthusiasm of art critics and collectors alike who have reportedly been downloading and ordering copies of the novel since its release. The book is launching in March 2019.
Diane’s Fantasy provides a new perspective on the deep force behind romance, love and fantasy and brings the story to a shocking and unexpected conclusion.

If you would like to obtain a copy of Diane’s Fantasy, please visit Or contact: Emerald B. Lordsfame on InstagramTwitterFaceBookEmail Tel:+2348104103838, Bluegrescripts FaceBook Page &

Diane’s Fantasy by Emerald Lordsfame is published by & in January 2019 in pdf, txt, ePub, Kindle, Mobipocket and a variety of formats compatible with Kindle, Sony, iPad and other readers.

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