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Model Sparks Outrage For Flashing Her Naked Vagina At A Mosque

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A Playboy model has been massively criticized after she flashed her vagina while wearing a burka at Turkey’s Hagia Sophia Mosque.

Model sparks Outrage

Marisa Papen is known for showing off her nudity at different holy or controversial sites. Some time ago, she was jailed for posing nude inside the Karnak Temple Complex near the Egyptian city of Luxor. The model also took part in a naked photo shoot in Jerusalem with the Wailing Wall in the background – one of the most important sites in Judaism.

Marisa, who describes herself as a “free-spirited and wild-hearted expressionist”, has now travelled to Turkey with Australian photographer Jesse Walker for a photoshoot for his label ENKI Eyewear.

They embarked on a daring attempt to take a nude picture of Marisa in the Hagia Sophia, a former Byzantine cathedral and Ottoman mosque which is now used as a museum in Istanbul, Turkey.

Marisa said: “Unlike Egypt, we did not have a solid plan this time. No preparation at all, but endless imagination and a pretty strong foundation.”

After buying a burka in the Grand Bazaar, the two headed off to the Hagia Sophia.

Marisa said: “After waiting in a long queue to enter, we were caught off guard with the amount of security cameras there. They literally have every square centimetre covered.”

Jesse added: “If you’ve ever been to the Hagia Sophia, you will know there’s never a day without thousands of people being around at all times.”

After concluding that the ideal moment to take the picture would never happen, Marisa nonetheless decided to go for it and to lift up her burka to expose her genital area.

Marisa said: “We decided to wait for a guided group and while the guide was telling his story and everyone was paying attention, it was game-time.”

Jesse added: “It was all done very spontaneously. Inside the mosque, we were hidden in plain sight. There is also a serene calmness inside which helped everything unfold the way it was supposed to.

“We even went back for a second time the next day because we were not happy with the initial shots.

“However, I did not feel like this was that challenging compared to the rooftop shot overlooking the Mosque. For that shot to happen, a lot of planning and coordinating went into it.

“Luckily we have some excellent connections in Istanbul, without them it most definitely would not have been possible.”

The photos they took have now gone viral and generated massive fury but Maris isn’t deterred by that and intends to continue in her “art”.

Marisa said: “Jesse and I like to think of ourselves as a modern day Bonnie and Clyde on a James Bond mission, loving every minute for the danger that continuously presents itself to us.”

Jesse added: “It can be extremely testing mentally, physically and also between us, but it is always a real adventure.”

However, the pair said they had a near brush with the Turkish authorities after cops visited their Istanbul hotel and interrogated staff a day after they left for another spot in Turkey.

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Davido’s ’30BG necklace’ spotted in Lagos traffic, being sold for N4,000



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Nigerian singer Davido might just make it in the Jewelry industry if he decides to quit singing. Just recently, the famous 30BG diamond chain was spotted in Lagos traffic and the seller was willing to sell it for N4,000.

The seller was adamant the piece of Jewelry was authentic and it was made by an international company.


When the guy who recorded the video asked the seller if he took permission from Davido, the seller laughed and waved the question away, still determined to sell it for N4000

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Where Is Syemca?



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It is one thing to climb to the top, it is another thing to remain at the top. Sustainability is never for the average man.

It is very dangerous to vanish away from the limelight. Isn’t it really dangerous? Take a look at the music industry, how many music artists have excellently remained the talk of the town?
Let’s bring it down to those artists who have gained fame showcasing their talent on our favourite TV shows. You remember MTN project fame, The Voice Nigeria, Nigeria Idol among many others.

Have you ask yourself why those who got fame through the reality shows are finding it very hard to sustain. There are some that we never heard of again.

Let’s narrow down our focus to Chukwuemeka Chike-Ezekpeazu who we all know as Syemca.
In 2017, it was predicted by many that Syemca would emerge as the winner of The Voice Nigeria season 2.

But what finally happened? He came out as the second runner up for that contest. Should we say those ahead of him in that very season performed better than him? Ever since then, the talk of Syemca hasn’t made it to the top.

Syemca made a name in that very season? But where is he now? Has he gone down the drain? Can his talent help him come back to the spotlight?

What happened to his career? Does he even have the passion to continue in the music industry? Or was he bittered because he came out as the second runner up in the season 2 of The Voice Nigeria? Maybe he’s frustrated?

Only a few such as Timi Dakolo, Inyanya, Chidinma, was able to beat through to the limelight. But even at that, not many people are talking about these ones. They’re not even among the top 10 in Nigeria.

Come to think of it, why is that those who rose to stardom without showcasing their talent on any reality TV show are still the subject of the town? Why is it that these set of people have a lot of followers across all social media platforms? Then, does that mean that there’s some kind of restriction that’s attached to gaining fame through our reality TV shows?
Syemca was well talked about in 2017. He was known for his angelic voice. But where is he now? What has happened to his angelic voice?

Where is Syemca? Is he even signed to any record label? Would he still be able to rise to the limelight? Well, the ball lies in his court.

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Chizzyboy Signs A 4-Year Deal With “Ubagu Music Planet



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ChizzyBoy (real name – Chukwudi Joe) is a young talented Nigerian recording artiste who recently got signed on to the Ubagu Chibuike owned record label, Ubagu Music Planet; managed by Okoye Collins and working together with the Arems owned 1stEleven9ja Media & Entertainment Company Limited PR company, ChizzyBoy is set to have a blissful four year contract which already sees two singles in play. ChizzyBoy is set to release the Barry Jhay assisted number titled “As,” as produced by Killer Tunes and mixed/mastered by Zeeno Foster, a solemn tune with $ befitting visual already shot and ready to hit the airwaves; a second single which is set for a future release date (not too far from the moment) features burgeoning recording act and music producer, Selebobo, and the song’s titled “Anyi.”

“As” is most certainly a tune that would be easily enjoyed by music lovers and music pundits alike and the Ubagu Music Planet signee is set to have a good run within the Nigerian music industry and beyond; anticipate the visuals on your screens.


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