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In 2015 before the elections,the Leaders Of Pentecostal Pastors gathered at the Redemption camp to pray for God’s directions . Pastor Adeboye was asked to tell who God is leading Christians to vote for but he said that he is a man under authority and that he will support whoever the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN)supports. Bishop Oyedepo stood up and said that God has asked Christians to vote for the incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan and Pastor Adeboye agreed.

But strangely enough the very same Adeboye went behind and told Prof Yemi Osinbajo on four occasions that he (Osinbajo) will become Vice President!!! Is that not the reason for Pa Adeboye’s silence in the wake of the rising persecution of Christians in Nigeria? Does it not have to do with the fact that he also dissociated himself from a Prophecy in 2014 which claimed that the coming government would promote the islamization of Nigeria,and also having encouraged one of his loyal pastors to run for vice president, even after assuring other pastors during a prayer session in the weeks before the 2015 election,that he would abide by their decision to adopt the incumbent President Dr Goodluck Jonathan?

It is not news today that the front burner issue being discussed by leaders in Nigeria today is the Islamization of Nigeria by the current government. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo and Professor Wole Soyinka, two supposed arch enemies have for once put their differences aside to speak in one voice warning against the impending Islamization of Nigeria.

When On October 6th 2014, it was widely reported in Vanguard newspaper that Enoch Adejare Adeboye, dissociated himself from the prophecy made by Pastor Bosun Of The Redeemed Christian Church, that God has instructed Christians not to vote for this present APC government while they were in opposition, and that APC is going to Islamize Nigeria. Did Adeboye inquire from God before dissociating himself from a prophecy of such magnitude? Or did he speak presumptuously of his own volition?

Deuteronomy 18:20-22 warns against prophets speaking presumptuously and prescribed punishments for such acts primarily because such presumptuous acts can lead to catastrophe as we are witnessing today in Nigeria.
Pastors and Prophets are under the authority of God,they are shepherds whose main duty is to teach and strengthen the followers of Christ as well as guide them spiritually with their utterances and teachings.
God said in the Book of Exodus 3:9 “And now the cry of the Israelites have reached Me, and I have seen how severely the Egyptians are oppressing them.”

If God has heard the cry of Nigerians dying in the hands of herdsmen and suffering today and he is deeply concerned,how come Pastor Adeboye that has built churches every 5 minutes drive and claim to represent God is not concerned about the harsh plight of the people?
The Bible also says in the Book of Proverbs 31:3,9 “Open your mouth for the mute, for the rights of all who are destitute. Open your mouth, judge righteously, defend the rights of the poor and needy.”

How can such a highly renowned Man of God who is the founder of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Pastor Enoch Adeboye,one of Nigeria’s most influential pastor with branches of his church in every nook and cranny of the country betray the very people who pay tithes and offerings to him daily by supporting and lending credence to a government that has shown little regard to the plight of Christians and refusing to speak up for them in their worst hour?

Pastor Enoch Adeboye prophesied many years ago that a member of his church would one day become president of Nigeria,his interest in Nigerian politics culminated in his midwifing a pastor of his church,Yemi Osinbajo to become a running mate to a Muslim thereby attaining the position of Vice President in this current administration.
Naturally Nigerians would have been singing a different song,the theme of which would be joy and victory to the Nigerian church but alas this is not the case,rather what we are witnessing today is far worse persecution of Christians than at any other time since the inception of this government! From the case of the pastor’s wife who was beheaded in Kano,the case of the early morning preacher who was murdered in Abuja,to that of Leah Sharibu who was kidnapped alongside other school girls but was held behind because of her Christian faith while others who were Muslims were freed,coupled with the continued massacres of Christians in Kaduna,Benue,Plateau and other States,the body of Christ is in serious anguish,prompting several Christian leaders and organizations like the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN),Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) the Nigerian Catholic Church and so on to call out the present government for it’s seeming inability to stop the ongoing discrimination and attacks on Christians. Meanwhile Pastor Adeboye has remained silent on the issues, having never for once made a statement or used his position to attempt to facilitate the release of Leah Sharibu and also seek justice and solutions on the ongoing systematic murder of Christians in the last four years.

Most recently, Nigerians were shocked and flabbergasted to read news making the rounds that Pastor Adeboye told the government that changing the security Chiefs in Nigerian security architecture will not solve the security problems in Nigeria. This is like recommending the inept leadership of our security forces under whose charge Boko haram and Herdsmen militia have blossomed and became more deadly to continue. Fighting terrorism under them has since becme a platitude and business of
Ransome paying and daily sacrifice of innocent soldiers.
Under these chiefs Kidnapping and insecurity reached it’s climax in our history and the man of God gave them pass mark.
We remember how Goodluck Jonathan’s government sacked all the security chiefs in one day for failing to stop insecurity in the country, recently in Sri Lanka a similar action was taken by their government when the security team could not prevent terrorist bomb attacks in the country.

The current lukewarm stand of Pastor Enoch Adeboye since the inception of this administration is suspect,considering the fact that he was actively showing his displeasure with the past administration.For instance,it was reported in the dailies on October 11,2010 that he was gathering 1 million signatures from members of his church at a point and wanted to embark on a massive protest against the Jonathan administration because of the cases of kidnapping at that time, a move that one would have expected to see more of judging from the fact that kidnapping is now far more rampant and vicious than it was at that time.

Pastor Adeboye betrayed Christians, he deceived the very poor people that he collects tithes and offerings from all for his own personal political and financial gain.
In Mathew 23:23( “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You give a tenth of your spices–mint, dill and cumin. But you have neglected the more important matters of the law; justice, mercy and faithfulness. You should have practiced the latter, without neglecting the former”) Our Lord Jesus, the author and finisher of the Christian faith, made it very clear that the Law Of Justice and mercy is a greater law than the law Of tithes and that anyone that collects tithes MUST speak up to uphold justice; unfortunately while Adeboye is known for demanding for tithes even to the extent of threatening people of going to hell if they don’t pay tithes to him , Pastor Enoch Adeboye has deliberately failed to uphold the greater law of Justice and mercy,just recently Rtd Gen TY Danjuma and the Northern Christian Elders Forum NCEF made a statement that some prominent Christian leaders are aiding the current islamization of Nigeria, which further buttresses the facts.

So it is high time that we the Nigerian Christians and Christian organizations call Pastor Adeboye out.

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Mo Abudu shares Email from Wole Soyinka over Plane Incident



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The Wedding Party Private Screenng For Wole Soyinka And Abimbola Fashola 3  1

It was all over the news yesterday, a young man refused to give up his window seat for Nobel laureate Professor Wole Soyinka in a plane.

The young man had gotten to his seat to find Soyinka there. According to Tonye Cole, who shared the details of the incident, the young man told Soyinka that the seat he was on is his and he wants to sit there.

Well, Cole and a few others, including media mogul Mo Abudu faulted the young man for doing that.

“So so sad. That young man will get what he truly deserves. That is definite!” Mo said as a comment under Cole’s post.

Mo has now taken to Instagram to share an email she received from Soyinka concerning the incident.

“Good morning beautiful people. It’s 6.30am here in Los Angeles. Quite a bit has been said about me making certain comments about the young man that refused to give up his seat for Professor Wole Soyinka.” she said in the Instagram post.

She continued: “I will not comment further on this, however as you all know I LOVE and RESPECT Professor Wole Soyinka dearly. Based on this incident, I did receive an email from Professor Wole Soyinka this morning”.

She then went ahead to share the email with Soyinka’s permission. See below:

Hallo Mo,

Someone sent me Patrick Tonye’s comment on the plane incident, and I saw your brief comment. It was a very minor thing and I’d forgotten all about it. However, after reading the boy’s response, I became curious. First, I never exchanged a word with him throughout beyond inviting him to take his allotted seat. Never spoke a word to him after that. Certainly never exchanged contact. So of course, I wonder if it’s the very individual  who’s posted this or a total fake. The phenomenon of stolen identities takes very strange dimensions and has become a source of worry. I wonder if this is one such. Any way of your finding out. I don’t operate in the social media as you probably recall.


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Poco Lee, Xtacy, Kemen and more light up 2019 Nigerian Freestyle Football Championship Lagos Auditions




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Music and Sports mixed beautifully over this past weekend as over 40 freestyle footballers participated at the 2019 edition of the African Freestyle Football Championship organised by Feet ‘n’ Tricks under the authority of World Freestyle Football Association commenced on a colourful note at Rowe Park on Saturday in Lagos.
The audition was hosted by Street dance hotshot ‘Poco Lee’ with support from Xtacyand judged by three time Ghanaian Freestyle Football Champion ‘Joel Asare, Kemen (of Big Brother Fame) and Abass Suara.
The rather intense auditions were punctuated by fun Zanku challenges spearheaded by Pocolee as well as performances by crowd favourites Raybekah and Brainee.
John Benjamin emerged winner of the Lagos Regional Championship following a keenly-contested final with Larry Etuduvwun while Taiwo Oni finished third.
Damilola Adeshina emerged the as the first female winner while Augustina Unamba and Mariam Olaobi came second and third position respectively.
Super Falcons forward, Rasheedat Ajibade, who is the defending champions of the women’s event of the championships, will be aiming for her third straight title when the crème-de-la-crème gather in the final later on September 14th and 15th this year.
The event also witnessed a colourful addition of Panna championship with 16 athletes locked in battles that saw Oscar Ifeanyi emerging as Regional Champion.
For the endeavour, the top three in both the male and female categories when home with the sum of N100,000, N75,000 and N50,000 for first, second and third place position.
Feet ‘n’ Tricks Chairman, Valentine Ozigbo, expressed delight at the growing enthusiasm of youths to freestyle football stating it was getting bigger in terms of participation and awareness across the country.He also revealed that the Championships would be covered live across the Continent and beyond on multiple terrestrial and digital channels.
The Lagos auditions mark the start of the four regional championships in Nigeria with Delta State, billed as the next port of call for the ball juggling extravaganza on Sunday June 30 at the Brownhill Event Centre, Warri.
Owerri, the capital of Imo State, will then hold the penultimate regional championship on July 6 at Cubans Lounge before the series will climax in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja on July 13 at Central Park.
The grand finale is scheduled for Lagos on September 14 and 15 with over 100 participants representing about 30 countries expected to participate. All the regional auditions will be hosted by Poco Lee while Joel Asare is confirmed as the lead judge for same.
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Government officials are planning to defraud Nigerians again with “eGov Master Plan”




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According to Galaxy Backbone and Ministry of Communication, Govt plans to roll out its eGovernance platform very soon. It is based on a MasterPlan that the Korean Governnent spent $500m to develop. Also, Shittu the former Minister of Science and Tech had during  the Launch of the eGov Master Plan on 24 May 2019 said it would run on a NIPOST platform and a private company has been incorporated to manage the effort. This is shaping up to be another Mega Failure already. It is built by government officials trusted to do the best for the country but seem to lose sight of that fact somewhere along the way. There are so many fundamental issues wrong with this; too simple and too many to contemplate. Let’s look at a few
Firstly,  have everything Nigerian eGov running on one single platform is a serious security vulnerability. How? To incapacitate the Nigerian government, all you have to do is to take that platform down and it would be over. The single NIPOST platform would attract many such attack attempts and eventually one such attack attempt would be successful and bring down the entire Federal Government. Each Ministry is supposed to be allowed to develop it’s own assets whilst all that is developed is a framework for communication between the ministry platforms. Security is everything. This single point of convergence is a guarantee for failure
Secondly, nations protect their masterplans, especially technology plans and yet government officials of Nigeria received $500m of “aid” from a foreign power for something as sensitive as this? With all the IT skills domiciled with Nigerians, was it not possible for these officials to call a series of conferences for these skilled Nigerians and build a team to work with????? Again security is everything.
Thirdly, whatever the justification, it is manifestly inappropriate to register a private company to run eGovernance Services. It is the culmination of the commercialisation of Govt services which all have budgetary appropriation from the commonwealth of Nigerians. Why make us pay for it again? and then still involve a commercially registered company. When did government need commercially registered firms to render service, regulate the nation, form policy or even collect money for its services? And worse still, one  commercial entity to represent ALL Government MDAs under NIPOST platform???
Fourthly, why NIPOST platform? A NIPOST under Bisi Adegbuyi that has not achieved any Transformation of NIPOST? We are now to entrust such with the responsibility of hosting the  eGov service of the entire nation? Who is Bisi Adegbuyi?  he was once an Ogun State delegate for Jonathan in PDP and now turned out to be an appointee of APC from Oyo State. Despite all entreaties can not make headway for or account in respect of all the stamp duties running into Trillions which NIPOST along with other agencies is accountable for. Attempted to collect 1,000 naira every year from Nigerians for a digital addressing framework that is free globally. Violated Executive Order Number 5 of President Muhammadu Buhari. Misled the National Assembly, Presidency and Ministry that NIPOST had signed a contract with a  Foreign Company for digital addressing when no such thing had been done because in reality, it was his friends private company mData Technologies that had actually signed the contract for the whole of Nigeria instead of NIPOST. Now this same person has things to do with national eGov and suddenly a private company has been registered to handle the eGovernance through NiPOST platform? Once again, the word scam is beginning to ring bells around this eGovernance program. If it walks, clucks and looks like a chicken, it usually turns out to be a chicken. The eGov project will be a disaster on a massive scale if steps are not taken to reorient its course.
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