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COWLSO 2021: The 21st National Women’s Conference, Theme: Awake




A three-day hybrid event to come and be yourself, open your hearts to take on new opportunities, network and positively feed your mind. We are intentional about connecting with one another, building our relationships with each other and influencing growth in one another.

The Committee of Wives of Lagos State Officials (COWLSO) was birthed in 1974 with the mission to complement the effort of the Lagos State Government to promote child healthcare, empower women to discover their hidden treasures, improve social infrastructure within our communities and protect our environment.

The 21st National Women’s Conference by COWLSO is themed AWAKE. The strength, zeal and importance of women in our society can not be over-emphasized, hence the need to empower more women. This conference will birth a quickening of all your faculties, it is designed to create an experience in which your awareness expands and intensifies. This conference will help you transcend a limiting state of mind to one where your perception about the world becomes more vivid and you feel a sense of connection not only to your friends and family or Lagos state, but to the world at large. It will help you align to the goal of a greater YOU equals a greater Lagos, greater Nigeria.

The 21st National Women’s Conference is a hybrid event; involving physical and virtual participants scheduled to hold 26th-28th October 2021. It is expected to host 1000 participants physically strictly following the COVID-19 protocols and over 4000 virtual attendees. It will also feature an exhibition on site and virtually as well. Kindly visit to register as an attendee or a vendor.

The conference is also packed with seasoned speakers, be certain you are in for an experience. Please make it a date with us as we discuss and explore ways in which women can make impactful contributions towards global development.

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