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Benny Dee lands Cartoon Network Deal to Showcase African Dance Culture



They say the reward for hard work is usually more work. And the reward for success has to be more successful.

There’s this feeling that comes with achieving a long-time dream, especially when it has to do with a company that has been part of your childhood memories. That feeling is unexplainable!

We all love cartoons right? And Cartoon Network, too, right? What about working with Cartoon Network as an animator to produce a series for your continent? That, too, will be exciting!

Benjamin Sokomba Dazhi aka Benny Dee is a young Nigerian animator and Chief Executive Officer of JustArt animation studio. He is a talented filmmaker and an excellent animator who has been in the animation industry since 2014.

Benjamin is gradually becoming a household name in the Nigerian animation industry. He is one of the top young African animators in Nigeria and has been credited in so many works for animation companies within and outside Nigeria. One among the international companies he has worked with is “Reallusion”.

Recently, he made a major career breakthrough deal to partner with Cartoon Network to animate a dance instructional series on the network titled, “Dance Challenge”. The characters Anwuli and Kingsley were animated using Reallusion software.

Benjamin is quite passionate about animation and has expressed his wish to use his animation skills to showcase the beautiful cultures in the African continent. At the moment he is one of the leading animators pushing to globalize the animation industry in Nigeria and the African continent.

Dance Challenge started airing on Cartoon Network on 2nd October 2021. The show within the short time of airing has gained commendable popularity on the network.

Cartoon Network in partnership with Benjamin is showing commitment through the “Dance Challenge” series and other African-related cartoon series as a means of making its African audience and network feel at home.

Reacting to the news, Benjamin described his partnership with Cartoon Network as a sign of hope for African animators getting the deserved recognition from their animation counterparts in other continents.

According to Benjamin, he believes deals like of Cartoon Network would encourage other African animators to continue being original with their animation content and be proud to showcase the beautiful cultures in the African continent through African animation.


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