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Akodjenou Mahoutin Celestine (a.k.a SunaBoy) Biography and Song



My names are Akodjenou Mahoutin Celestine (a.k.a SunaBoy ).
Born and bred in the Benin Republic. Tchalaka ( Oueme ) fell in love with entertainment since my High School Days in 2000. My strong love for music can’t be negotiated even if I’m also into Hotels and Housing.
I’ve been following  ROBBI ( formerly Robbi Slo )  and mentorship by the female legendary Angelique Kidjo. Although I love Nigerian musicians too.  and till date, you will always find the fragment of them both in me.
Akodjenou Mahoutin Celestine (a.k.a Sunaboy)  is one of the best outstanding underground artiste the world needs to look out for and you can find around here.
Contact: +22951033717
Twitter: @sunaboymahoutin
Instagram : @sunaboymahoutin

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