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Nominees For The Paradise Music Festival & Awards 2018 #PMFASeason5



Paradise Music Festival & Awards, which is in its 5th edition is tagged ‘The 5 Star Edition’ with the theme : ‘Music Beyond Borders’.

Nominations for the award were open for creative works released within the period under review (September2017- September 2018).

Interestingly, we are also happy to announce the addition of two new categories introduced to further expand the scope of the award enough to accommodate other key players in the music and entertainment industry.

The two new categories are ‘Best Indigenous Artiste’ and ‘Cinematographer of the Year’, both categories are also competitive, in this maiden appearance, the nominees in those categories were selected after careful consideration by the Award Panel.

The Nomination List being a product of analyzing approximately 3,000 entries as nomination for artistes in various categories, mostly talents of Cross River & Akwa Ibom origin.

Amem – ( Unik Brodaz)
Na dem dey Rush us- (Young Bone)
Deliver- ( Challex da Boss)
Nam Mkpo Mfo – (Zillions, Ikpa Udoh, Upper X & Lybra)

Teddy Banty
Rex made it

Emy P

Ekanem Esu
Ernest Adat
Bobby Frigga


Ikpa Udoh
Oga Sir
L-J Saaaviour
Upper X

DJ Anii
DJ Ritzy
DJ Brightstar
DJ Cube Fresh
DJ Banks

Gucci things – (Rex ft Skales)
Na dem dey Rush us – (Youngbone ft Charles Innoje and Last Prophet)
Hanlele – (Lybra ft Ikpa Udoh )
Nam Mkpo Mfo – (Zillions, Ikpa Udoh, Upper X & Lybra)
Drummer boy – (Teddy Banty ft Upper X)

Sabi dance – International Boy Silver
Kaka – Rex
Amen – Unik Brodaz
Made In Naija – Mish

Duke Emmanuel – Hit FM
Mercypedia – Sparkling FM
Rose Akai – Comfort FM
Asteroid Bassey – AKBC TV


Bonja films – Gawa (Junkhouse ft Iceboxx, Deeno, DJ Nectar)
Prodigee Film works – (Sabi dance, International Boy Silver)
Wemzikul – (Brown Edu- Eyen Uyo)
Eddie Brendan – (Fresh Fish – DJ Peejay ft Lybra)

Heyo Noni
M Honeyz
Ikpa Udo

Voting for PMFA 2018 commences on October 22 and will run through November 22.


Congratulations to all the nominees and Good Luck!


Effiom Trombone


On A Grace Of God Diet - God Is The Greatest - PR - @47vibez Media - Founder - @Olodo360 - !! Powered By Grace. Email @ [email protected]

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Meet Golden World Records Artist Khidian






Recently we interview the p money led golden world records act Khidian and here is a thing we need to know bout him.

1. Can we meet you?

Yes, I am Khidian.. Currently an upcoming artist but I see my self soon to be the rave of the moment to burst your speakers.

2. How long have you been doing music?

Well, I have had this hunger and passion for music since I was 9, but I officially started late 2017 when I dropped my first official track ” Rich White Guy” under P MONEY Golden world Records

3. Is there any song out yet?

Yessss, I have 4 tracks already to my name but the movement is currently on “Obiageli” and it’s good positive results are coming to the table.

4. Why did you choose music over other entertaining career?

I choose Music because like I said I have had this hunger and passion for music, that’s where my talent lies in so I had to do it officially because it’s what makes me happy!

5. How long have you been in the music game?

Yeah like I said before I started officially late 2017 when I dropped my first official track ” Rich White Guy” so it’s already 2 years.

6. What’s your greatest challenge as an artist?

My greatest challenge would be not making fame get over me, I really love relating with people, meeting with new faces and getting acquainted but most artists once they have gotten to limelight they will then see others like something I can’t explain because I personally I have been humilated severally by few artists whose names I won’t mention here just because I requested for a picture to prove to friends that I actually saw them, hahahaha, it’s just a crazy world and life on the Fame game so I just hope to still be my real self and let people talk good about me as a person not just talking about my songs..

7. Apart from music what else do you do (optional)?

Nothing at all for now, all my focus right now is fully on music, going to the studio frequently and countless times spend most time writing songs, always busy on the music business so I don’t want to get myself involved on any other thing at all to avoid distractions on my music Job, so just music for now apart from I am currently enrolled in the university as a full time student of Lagos State University.

8. Which celebrity are you looking up too?

very good question haha, I am currently looking up to Wizkid and Davido, these 2 are my mentors, I am not the type that will say this one is better than this one bla bla bla, they are both doing well and I get a lot of inspirations from them both and really looking and striving hard to be on their level Grace because they are just blessed.

9. Musically, where do you see yourself in the next 3years?

Well, actually I see my self been a on time next rated artist by God’s grace, so in 3 years I see myself achieving a lot and my name will be the talk of town even an infant will nod in agreement when they mention ” Khidian”

10. how do you balance music and your relationship (optional)?

I have said this before, I am doing music alone for now, I do not need any distraction, I am not in a relationship maybe later on when need be, but for now I am married to the melody of Music and I am in a relationship with my sounds.

11. Are you signed under any record label?

Yes I am currently signed to Golden World Records with P Money the C.E.O, actually he is my brother but he signed me into his label for the music business, but I am the only signed artist there for now.

12. What message do you have for fast rising artist out there?

Consistency, do not relent unless you’re doing music for fun, but if it’s not for fun then make it a priority, let it be part of you…

Impose all of your energies and abilities on your songs so people can happily dance to your tune and feel happy whenever your name is mentioned, with that you’ve achieved greatness, and most importantly “Pray” put God first on your music career and put in your efforts, so hard work plus prayer equals excellency.

Kindly help publish on your platforms and reply with link(s)
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”I Cannot Come And Kill Myself” Etinosa Says As She Shares New Photo After Her Instagram Nude Scandal With Mc Galaxy



5c90eeb979b43 Entertainment Gists General News Lifestyle & Fashion News


Over the weekend, Etinosa made news after she stripped naked on singer, Mc Galaxy’s Instagram live.

In this post she shared on her IG page this afternoon, Etinosa says she will not bow her head in shame the way people expect her to. She noted that she will use her life to teach women to learn from their mistakes, stressing that she cannot come and kill herself. Read her post below


Holding Your Head Up High and Standing Tall Through Your Mess
A lot of people were shocked I was already a cover girl to a magazine granting interviews and hosting shows outside Lagos- Back to work. They did not expect me to rise and shine. At least not so soon they said. They would feel better if I hide my head in shame, lay low and disappear for the rest of my life. However, I will be a bigger disappointment to the girls who look up to me if I do not show them how they could also rise above their mistakes:

– Own your mess up
– Do not let some of the greatest weapons of failure- shame and fear keep you down… And then depression sets in… Low self-esteem and the feeling you will never be anything great comes in.
-Don’t listen to that voice in your head or that acclaimed adviser Nowamagbe who constantly drums it into your ear that you have messed up and it’s the end of the road. Those people who take joy in analysing your mess up and how it will affect you rather than discussing way forward or just minding their own business all together. Cut them off. -The proof of a strong man is not the absence of wounds but exactly how he heals and rises for the next battle. Se ogun laye ni? Yes! Ogun l’awa!! And The absence of wounds only show a child who has never been in battle

-As casual as this sounds “I cannot come and kill myself” it is one of the strongest tools of motivation against suicide and other regret related reactions. -Even a righteous man shall fall several times and rise up again. So don’t beat yourself up

From recent events, I have come to realise a lot of people look up to me. Wow. Also, a lot of people dealing with shame and rejection from family and friends as well. A lot of people who have been tagged useless and worthless. Also the black sheep of families. At first I said please I’m human go and look up to Jesus Christ but then again God uses humans. As a role model I have shown you how to fall. Now, permit me to show you how to rise again like an eagle, like the Queen you are, like the Luxurious BOSS that I am. Watch this space [Next post-medium announcement – big announcement coming after the medium one lol] #ThankYouNigeria#MummyGO

5c90ee9b33852 Entertainment Gists General News Lifestyle & Fashion News

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Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin ‘Postpone Their Wedding For A Fourth Time’



5c910206102ff Entertainment Gists Foreign General News Lifestyle & Fashion News Relationships


Celebrity couple, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have reportedly postponed their wedding for the fourth time.

The singer, 25, and model, 22, who legally married in a New York courthouse in September, are said to have put their plans on ‘indefinite hold to focus on Justin’.

A source told People: ‘They will still have a wedding eventually, but this is not their focus right now.

‘They haven’t sent out any new save the dates. They will wait until Justin feels better and is excited about planning their wedding again.’

This comes after Justin recently revealed that he has been ‘struggling a lot’ in a candid Instagram post on Saturday.



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