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CNN HQ In New York City Evacuated After A Suspicious Please Was Found

The Time Warner Center in New York City, home to CNN’s headquarters, was evacuated Wednesday morning after police was called about a suspicious package in the mailroom there.


The evacuation from the sprawling, mixed-use building in the heart of Manhattan, came as news broke about suspicious packages being sent to former president Barack Obama and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and two days after an explosive devices was found outside the home of philanthropist George Soros.

A law enforcement official told NBC News that all four packages sent to the Time Warner Center, Obama, Clinton and Soros are “nearly identical.”

CNN was broadcasting out of its Washington, D.C. bureau after the evacuation.

New York police issued an alert warning people to avoid the area around Columbus Circle, the traffic roundabout adjacent to the west side of Central Park. The Time Warner Center is located on Columbus Circle.

A CNN anchor broadcasting from the area reported that police were pushing people two blocks away from the building.

The Time Warner Center, which encompasses 2.8 million square feet of space, contains many high-end retail shops, restaurants, the Mandarin Hotel, luxury condominums, and offices of the Related Companies and the Mack Real Estate Group.

Jeff Zucker, president of CNN, in an email sent to employees worldwide, said the network is “checking all bureaus around the world out of a complete abundance of caution.”

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8-year-old Nigerian boy becomes a chess champion in the US (photo)




Tanitoluwa Adewumi, an 8-year-old Nigerian boy, has conquered the world of chess after winning the New York State Chess Championship. Adewumi won the top prize in his age category at the New York game.

In an interview with Newsday, the little boy had spoken about his life as a chess player and what he wishes to achieve as a talented player.

The 8-year-old explained that he prepared for the game by practicing on chess playing sites. He said he was introduced into playing chess in class.


According to the little boy, he likes the game of chess because it is a thinking game. He also noted that his favourite player of all time is his chess coach.

Adewumi revealed that his goal is to become the youngest chess grand-master in the world and also to break the world champion record.

The little boy, who left Nigeria with his family in 2017, started playing the game of chess in 2018. His mother revealed that he only started learning and playing chess a year ago.

Adewumi, his brother, his mother and father had left Nigeria due to attacks by Boko Haram in his hometown.

According to BBC, the family now lives in a homeless shelter in the United States.

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Mass Shooting In Holland Leaves Many Injured







At least one person has died and a number of people injured in a mass shooting in Holland, in the central Dutch city of Utrecht on Monday morning, by a man who had possible terrorist motive, local news reports.

One or several gunmen opened fire on a tram in the city centre at around 10.45 local time on Monday morning, before fleeing the scene, witnesses say.

Police say one or multiple assailants are still at large, and have since instructed all schools, as well as mosques and transportation hubs, in the city to keep their doors closed.

Shortly after 12.30 local time, the Dutch government raised the terrorism threat level to the highest possible in the province of Utrecht.

The Dutch anti-terror coordinator Pieter-Jaap Aalbersberg said in a statement that the ‘threat level has gone to 5, exclusively for the Utrecht province,’ referring to the highest level. ‘The culprit is still on the run.

Video footage from Utrecht today shows armed anti-terrorism police surrounding a building where the assailant is believed to be located.

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This trending video shows the moment a clergyman was delivering a lady from the ‘spirit of oral sex’.


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