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4 Sex Positions That Your Body Will Feel Extra Thankful For

The start of chilly fall weather means you have more of an excuse to cancel your plans and cuddle up in bed with your significant other. It also means you’re going to need more blankets, because baby, it’s cold outside.

Sex position

You could warm up by throwing on additional layers or raising the temperature on your thermostat, but why not turn up the heat in more ways than one? Just keep in mind that for every article of clothing you and your partner remove, you’ll need to get your body temperatures even higher.

Luckily, these four sex positions will ensure plenty of blood flow, and a whole lot of sweet friction.

Grab the marshmallows and cocoa mix, and don’t forget the lube, because once you come home, you won’t want to leave again for any reason.

November is finally here, so get ready for a marathon month of steamy sex — followed by lots of warm cuddles and mugs of hot chocolate, of course.

You’re sure to have plenty to give thanks for when you’re done. With these four sex moves on the menu, you’ll be even more satisfied than you are after Thanksgiving dinner — but just as stuffed.


In between naps on the couch and watching holiday movies with your SO, you might want to do something a little more active to pass the time.

This is the perfect position, because it doesn’t require you to leave the sofa (which makes it that much more appealing).

Turn sideways on the couch so that you’re on your knees with your upper body leaning over one of the arms.

Your partner should penetrate you from behind with their penis or a strap-on, just like in traditional doggy-style sex. Because you have the couch to support you, though, you might find it more comfortable than usual.


Get in the holiday spirit with this festive position. Grab a can of whipped cream and have your partner spray some on your nipples.

Hop up on the kitchen counter (or the kitchen table, if you’re feeling extra naughty), and sit so you and your partner are face-to-face.

They can tease you by licking off the whipped cream, then licking and sucking on your nipples and breasts.

Once you’re both hotter than an oven preheated to 375 degrees, they can enter you standing with their penis or a strap-on and the two of you can go to town.


If you live in the United States, then Nov. 2 marks the end of daylight savings time. Celebrate being given this extra hour with the classic 69 oral sex position.

It will definitely be well worth your time. Think about it: When was the last time you gave or received more than 20 minutes of oral sex, let alone a whole hour?

The beauty of the 69 position is that both you and your partner give and get head at the same time, which makes for maximum mutual enjoyment.

This is one move you’ll want to check off your list of 2018 sex resolutions before the new year rolls around.


Celebrate the Scorpio or Sagittarius in your life with this zodiac-friendly position. Also known as the “Bow” sex position (which makes it even more perfect for the Sag in your life), this move is simple, yet so satisfying.

Lie on your back and turn your pelvis slightly to the side, with your bottom leg straightened out flat and the other bent on top. Your partner should be on their knees, with their legs on either side of your straight leg.

They’ll hold your bent leg with one hand and put their other hand on your butt, penetrating you with their penis or a strap-on. You can hold on to your partner just above their knees for extra support.

These four sex moves are festive and fun, which makes them the perfect additions to your bedroom routine this fall.

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AY confirms Alex rejected a Range Rover gift from someone (Videos)



Nigerian comedian has confirmed that ex BBN housemate, Alex actually rejected a Range Rover SUV from someone on her birthday.

Few days ago, Big Brother Naija star, Alex, celebrated her 23rd birthday. Her team threw her a surprise birthday party and presented her with a car.

Alex And AY

Afterwards, the dancer and model was trolled for getting a panel beaten car while others said the car was given to her by a man and not her fans.

This prompted celebrity stylist, Swanky Jerry to reveal that Alex rejected a 2018 Range Rover presented to her as gift by someone.

He made this known on Instagram in an attempt to lay to rest the claims made against Alex.

According to Swanky, the car gift Alex received on her birthday was a gesture of love from her fans who contributed to make it a reality.

Though Swanky’s revelation was still in doubt but Comedian AY has now confirmed it in a live video on Instagram.

He said;

“I was aware that someone actually offered her a car, which she rejected, because of her dignity. She said she can’t accept the car. Because she know say no man go just carry car come give you, and I think that was touching.”

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E-Money gives out four brand new Toyota cars as he marks his birthday (Photos)



E-Money Car Gift

Below are pictures showing E-Money giving out four brand new Toyota cars as he marks his birthday today. The socialite and CEO of Fivestar Group gave the cars out to his staff for keeping his business going.

E-Money also revealed that his company will be needing g more hands on deck as he feels the need to take on the responsibility of growing the Nigerian economy.

E-Money wrote on Instagram:

It’s my birthday!!!!

What better way to celebrate than to bless some of the people who have been keeping my business going… Thanks to this amazing staff of the Fivestar group for all that they do,and my chef wasn’t left out also.

Remember to be diligent in all that you do because your hard work will surely pay off one day.

We will also be recruiting a lot of people this year into the Fivestar Group. The company is expanding and we need more hands on deck. We all have a collective responsibility of growing the Nigerian economy and we will continue to do what we can in our own little way… Stay tuned for details on how to apply…

E-Money Car Gift 1


E-Money Car Gift 2


E-Money Car Gift 3


E-Money Car Gift 4


E-Money Car Gift 5


E-Money Car Gift 6
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Linda Ikeji Flaunts Her Multi Million Naira Car Collection



Linda Ikeji Cars

Self acclaimed billionnaire, Linda Ikeji had a rich woman’s dilema on which car to drive out earlier today.


The 38-year old blogger, a mother of one based in the Banana Island area of Lagos State has showcase her fleet of cars – Range Rover, Mercedez Benz and also a Bentley which is close to a N100 million.

She wanted to step out yesterday, Sunday and felt confused about the car to drive out.

“Little girl problem. Wondering which car to drive out in today……lol. Seriously, nothing beats having money of your own. #toosweet!,” she captioned the photo.


Linda Ikeji is arguable the biggest gossip blogger in Africa.

See other photos below:

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